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Insurance Services

Besides providing packing, unpacking, warehousing transportation, office and household shifting services, Family packers and movers also provide insurance services to its customers .Insurance cover is very critical while the transportation of valuables. Such services are helpful in case of accident, fire, riots and other situations. This excellent service provided by Family packers and movers is very advantageous. It keeps the customers satisfied and free of tension when their commodities are being transported to the said location. The insurance facility is provided to the customers by keeping in view their requirements.Family packers and movers insure all the valuable goods of the customers with the help of insurance services. The company also deals in:

  • Relocation insurance services
  • Safety shifting insurance service
  • Transport insurance services
No other company beside the packers and movers provides the insurance cover to commodities at such affordable prices. No middlemen or agents are involved in the provision of services. The customers directly need to contact the service providers to meet their needs. This means that there are no chances of frauds. Family Packers and Movers also provide insurance coverage for furniture items. Insurance cover is not provided by most of the packers and movers .Also most of the companies charge hidden costs from the clients. Besides this some movers and packers may lure the customers by offering services at low prices but such service providers don’t take the authority of commodities transported. So every customer should focus on the quality of services provided rather than price. The customer just needs to be relaxed while their goods are being transported by Family packers and movers .This is because of the fact that the service providers are fully responsible for the safety of the goods being transported .In case of any mishap during transportation or any damage to the goods, the company is fully responsible, as your valuables are fully insured by them. The main aim of this service is that any damage to the commodities occurred during accident or natural calamity should not in any way effect the customers. Two types of insurance are available in the market
  • Transit insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
Transit insurance: this is the most important insurance offered by Family packers and movers. The company charges some premium on predefined value. Compensation is provided when accident occurs.

Comprehensive insurance: this insurance covers the damages that occur during transportation. However occurrence of scratches is not covered in this insurance scheme. If the customer wants to cover brittle objects such as glass under insurance cover, additional charges need to be paid.

As Family packers and movers understand the value and importance of the valuables of customers so every effort is made to ensure their safety. Besides this the company also provides all the information required for paperwork related to insurance cover, information related to documentation and paperwork is also provided. This makes the customer feel comfortable and, makes whole process simpler and hassle free.

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