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Car Carrier Services

We at Family Packers and Movers offer a number of transportation, resettlement, packers and movers services across Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. The services which we provide include local house hold shifting, packers and movers, house and commercial resettlement, shifting of industrial set ups, logistical services, vehicle transportation, truck leases, ware housing and storage. With our efficient work skill and well-timed delivery we have earned an esteemed name in the field of packers and movers services. We have sophisticated equipment’s which help in giving services that mark their impression for a long time. We at Family Packers and Movers provide best time to time car carrier services at your door step. We help in transportation of your car nationally as well as internationally. We offer such services that help easy delivery of your vehicle from location to the desired destination without the inconvenience of dropping off or retrieving of your vehicle. We at Family Packers and movers make use of enclosed trucks in order to move your vehicle from one place to another. The trucks which, we are using ensure safe transportation of your car. While designing the truck we have kept the road condition in consideration as well. The trucks that we use are fitted with such equipment’s that help in safeguarding your car while transportation. The equipment’s fitted in the truck ensures that your motor is kept in place. You don’t need to worry about the weather condition, road debris or any other potential threat which cause damage to your car may have already been resolved. We provide cost-effective, determined, fast and guaranteed car carrier services. We have experience of more than 10 years in giving best car carrier services. We have the most trustworthy network of car transportation services. We have highly competent and professional crew which take better care of your motor while transportation. We at Family Packers and Movers provide car care services at affordable prices. We deal with car transportation, car shipping etc. in a risk less manner. We value your assets and ensure safe delivery of your car to the desired destination. We have experienced drivers that ensure your car is in safe hands. With well-equipped transportation system we provide quality service to our clients. Before transportation of your car we take into consideration the following points:


  • At first we have a check on your battery, tire pressure and fluid of your car.
  • Before transporting your vehicle we have a look on all the mechanical aspects of your car.
  • In order to avoid oil spilling of a car, we maintain the fuel level of the car as one-fourth of the total fuel tank capacity.
  • We ensure all your personal items that are left inside the car are removed carefully before shipping.
  • We make sure fragile parts are detached prior to transportation.
  • Accessories like folding mirrors, antennas, spoilers and luggage stands are carefully retract by our car Professionals.
  • We at Family Packers and Movers guarantee that all your important documents are removed from the motor before transportation.

Reach your destination 100% safe & secure